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    METHOD FOR GRINDING JOURNAL SECTION OF WORKPIECE . United States Patent Application 20080207090 . Kind Code: A1 . Abstract: For grinding one of axially spaced journal sections of a workpiece each having a cylindrical surface and a pair of shoulder surfaces extending radially outward from the opposite end portions of the cylindrical surface, a rotating grinding wheel is advanced to grind

  • A Facile Grinding Method for the Synthesis of 3D Ag Metal

    Successful synthesis of three kinds of dynamically stable compounds by a simple grinding method is reported, giving Ag 6 Mo 7 O 24, Ag‐BTC (Ag‐MOF, BTC=benzene‐1,3,5‐tricarboxylic acid), and {Ag 6 Mo 7 O 24}@Ag‐MOF metal–organic frameworks (MOFs). According to the electrochemical dynamic analysis, these materials have pseudocapacitor behavior and high capacitance. The unique nanorod

  • (PDF) An Analysis Method of Oscillating Grinding Motion

    Oscillating grinding is a high-efficiency machining method for crankshaft pin journal, and motion model is one of the important foundations of oscillating grinding, which heavily affects the

  • A novel high-shear and low-pressure grinding method

    Grinding tests were carried out on a precision grinder with the developed abrasive tool for single crystal silicon specimens. The results showed that the grinding force ratio between tangential force and normal force for the proposed grinding method was ranged between 0.9 and 1.3, which was three times larger than that of the conventional


    single-indexing process called form grinding method applying a form wheel(developed by Höfler, Niles, and Gleason-Pfauter) and other one is a continuous-indexing process called generating grinding method applying a worm wheel(developed by Reishauer and Gleason). The form grinding is the most suitable process for achieving

  • CA2029559C Crankpin grinder and method Google

    A method of grinding the peripheries of a plurality of cylindrical crankpin journals provided in longitudinally spaced apart relation along the length of an elongated crankshaft wherein said...

  • A Review of Literature on Analysis of Jig Grinding Process

    “Design optimization of cutting parameters for turning operations based on Taguchi method”. Journal of Material Processing Technology, Vol.84, pp.122-129. [20]. E. Brinksmeimer, H.K. Tonshoff, C. Czenkusch and C. Heinzel, (1998). “Modelling and Optimization of grinding process”. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, pp.303- 314. [21]. Manish Vishwakarma, Vishal Parashar, and V.K. Khare

  • grinding journal pdf wkw-schulung.de

    Grinding of the main journals and the pin journals can be accomplished in a single clamping operation by CNC Tangential Point Tracing grinding technology However the chatter in the grinding process is harmful to the precision and surface quality In this paper stability lobe diagram is developed to predict the grinding chatter. Online Chat

  • Modelling and optimization of grinding processes

    01.08.1998· The paper describes different methods for modelling and optimization of grinding processes. First the process and product quality characterizing quantities have to be measured. Afterwards different model types, e.g. physical–empirical basic grinding models as well as empirical process models based on neural networks, fuzzy set theory and standard multiple regression methods


    The grinding machine used in this study was Weldon AGN5 Cylindrical Grinding Machine. The grinding wheel used was vitreous bond CBN. He concluded that, during high speed grinding experiments of both zirconia and M2 steel, normal and tangential forces tend to lessen as the grinding wheel speed increases, but the surface finish is increases.


    The Taguchi method was applied to design the experimental matrix. Four input parameters that were chosen for each experiment were the number of grooves in cylinder surface of grinding wheel, workpiece velocity, feed rate, and cutting depth. Four output parameters that were measured for each experimental were the machining surface roughness, the system vibrations in the three directions (X, Y, Z). The

  • An Analysis Method of Oscillating Grinding Motion Model

    ABSTRACT Oscillating grinding is a high-efficiency machining method for crankshaft pin journal, and motion model is one of the important foundations of oscillating grinding, which heavily affects

  • The effects of three different grinding methods in DNA

    African Journal of Biotechnology Full Length Research Paper The effects of three different grinding methods in DNA extraction of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp) Huaqiang Tan, Manman Tie, Li Zhang, Yanxia Zhu and Huanxiu Li* College of Horticulture, Sichuan Agricultural University, Ya'an 625014, Sichuan, China. Accepted 28 March, 2013 Rapid DNA extraction is a prerequisite for

  • Grinding Method Scientific.Net

    The results show that grinding method has insignificant effect on the microstructure and the high hardness value of the completely hardened region at different locations alone the direction of length. The completely hardened region is composed of fine acicular martensites, residual austenites and a little carbides, and the high hardness value is between 760-820HV. As the changing of grinding method, the uniformity and depth of the hardened layer changed accordingly. The quality of grinding

  • Vortex grinding for mechanochemistry: application for

    Abstract. An automated grinding method based on a vortex mixer has been developed. The method enables simultaneous grinding and UV-irradiation, as well as in situ monitoring of solid-state reactivity. The method has been applied to a cocrystallization, supramolecular catalysis, and the preparation of a metal–organic framework.

  • Inventions Special Issue : Modern Grinding Technology

    Standard post-processing methods such as grinding and linishing often meet with major challenges in finishing parts of complex shape. This paper reports on research that demonstrated that mass finishing (MF) processes are able to deliver high-quality surface finishes (Ra and Sa) on AM-generated parts of a relatively complex geometry (both internal features and external facets) under select conditions. Four

  • Grinding Chatter Detection and Identification Based on

    This paper proposes a forecasting method for grinding state identification based on bivarition empirical mode decomposition (BEMD) and least squares support vector machine (LSSVM), which allows the monitoring of grinding chatter over time. BEMD is

  • Occlusal adjustment by grinding of teeth; indications and

    Very often simple grinding of teeth can improve the occlusion of our patients. And in combination with other corrective measures, e.g. prosthetic rehabilitation and orthodontic treatment, occlusal adjustment by grinding deserves to be used much more frequently in clinical dentistry than it is today. It is a cheap and simple procedure that can improve our patient's occlusal hygiene. And occlusal hygiene is a concept

  • Vibration characteristics and modal analysis of a

    The experimental modal analysis employed single point excitation, and the equipment used to determine the frequency response of the grinding machine comprised a hammer, an accelerometer, and a spectrum analyzer. In addition, the resonance frequency, damping factor, and modal shape of the grinding

  • Proceedings An Open Access Journal from MDPI

    Traditionally, cocrystals can be prepared by solvent evaporation method, grinding, and slurry method, but every method has its limitations for certain conditions. The current trend for cocrystal formation uses sophisticated methods such as the hot melt extrusion method, spray-drying method, supercritical fluid technology and the newest method: laser irradiation. The purpose of the development

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