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ball mill powder in my muzzleloader

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  • ball mill powder in my muzzleloader

    Save My New Horn Traditional Muzzleloading Forum Muzzleloader Flintlock Black Powder. Get More . My home made firework black powder ball mill with An introduction, how the Swiss powder mill in Aubonne makes black powder today, . My grinding tool is a mortar and pestle made of porcelain. The black powder dough you have formed into a ball is corned by rubbing it through a sieve. Get More

  • Best Powder Type for Lead Ball in a Traditional Muzzleloader?

    17.12.2014· After a hard day at the range eating real 3F BP and lead balls, my Pietta Remington 1858 likes to just go to pieces, relax in a hot tub of sudsy Dawn detergent, followed by a vigorous brush scrubbing and complete rinsing. It then bakes on a cookie sheet in a warm (not too hot) oven until its all dry. Lastly it gets a nice rub down with gun oil before pulling itself back together. It then rests in its

  • Muzzleloader Myths BUCKMASTERS

    Any powder still burning after the bullet leaves the bore burns incompletely, leaving big chunks of crud in the bore. This wasted powder does nothing for the bullet. With a 300-grain bullet in an average-length barrel, 110 and 120 grains of rifle-grade (FFg) powder is usually most efficient. That load quits burning about the time the bullet leaves the bore, which translates to the best accuracy, sharpest report and

  • Trying make my own Black powder Survivalist Forum

    05.12.2013· I tried my black powder in a SMLE 303 British with big cast bullets and reloaded primers. They hit hard enough to crack the engine block after passing threw the fender layers. It was an old DeSoto that had real sheet metal and pig iron. My first pistol was a steel frame Italian copy of the 1858 New Army Remington. When fired with a full chamber of DuPont 4Fg under a greased round ball, it


    Are you a black powder fanatic? If you are you just might be a fan of the old school patched round ball. I take a look at the top four reasons I am a big fan of the ole patched lead round ball for muzzleloader shooting. 1. Tradition. Eric Nestor. Currently I mainly shoot a somewhat vintage .58 Investarms Cabela’s Hawken Rifle. It was a Christmas gift from my best hunting buddy and outdoors

  • How Long Can I Leave My Muzzleloader Loaded?

    A loaded muzzleloader well might go bang the next day, or the next year for that matter. Or it may not. Open packs of pellets, or opened jugs of powder lose their potency over time. On a very humid day, you can see the loose powder start to clump in particularly in the case of American Pioneer, and even Triple Se7en if you give it enough time. No one would think of storing powder with the cap off; at least I

  • How to Choose the Perfect Powder for Your Muzzleloader

    12.12.2017· For example, the original black powder replacement, Pyrodex, gives a boost in external ballistics when compared to identical black powder charges; however, since it contains sulfur, the same post-shot stink is present. Pyrodex is slightly more difficult to ignite than black powder, but it can still be employed in same muzzleloaders. Pyrodex is somewhat hygroscopic, as well as corrosive—don’t

  • How To Make Gun Powder The Old Fashioned Way in Less

    30.12.2016· This method will only make slow powder.This is my method: Ball mill, soft wood charcoal (willow,balsa,eastern red ceder)are a must. Good potassium nitrate and sulfur. Powders should be ground together with non sparking media for ball mill ie 1/2″ lead balls until powder is like flower. Add 3% dextrin as a binder slowly add water and work into a ball that will hold together(DO NOT OVER WET).

  • can you leave a muzzle loader with powder in it over

    20.11.2008· My question is: Can I leave the powder, ball, and patch in the bore overnight without rust forming? I go hunting almost every day, but don't shoot much during the season. I know that fouling needs to be cleaned almost immediately, so that makes me wonder about unburned powder in the bore. Obviously, I wouldn't have a cap on the gun unless I was

  • Black Powder and Muzzleloader Shooting Basics

    10.03.2020· Black powder and muzzleloader shooting can open up hunting opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available. They are a departure from shooting smokeless centerfire firearms, but it can teach you to be careful and methodical with your shooting. If you hunt with muzzleloaders, you will quickly learn the value of accurate range estimation, stalking and making a good shot. Often, you will

  • Developing an accurate load for a black powder

    One of my black powder mentors, an engineer by trade and a long time competitor in unlimited weight class, long distance bench rest matches purchases his powder in large quantities and sifts it through three sieves of precisely measured mesh screening. By doing this he segregates all the kernels of powder into batches which match precisely in size. His method of screening is more precise than

  • The Secret of Muzzleloader Accuracy

    One of my customers thought that he would improve his accuracy by weighing his charges on his RCBS powder scale. The 150 weighed charges that he was shooting were actually equivalent to about 203 grains of powder by volume. The good news was his gun was unaffected by the 200+ charge of powder. The bad news was that his scope packed it in after about half a dozen shots.

  • Six Age-Old Muzzleloader Rules Put to the Test

    22.08.2016· Claim No. 5: Use 150 Grains of Powder—Because More Is Better Of course you want more power. That’s why they make magnum rifles, 31⁄2-inch shotgun shells, and muzzleloaders with a

  • Pyrodex® P Powder Substitute 1 Lb Can Muzzle

    Pyrodex® Powder is a powerful, highly efficient black powder substitute. Pyrodex Powder comes in a re-sealable one pound bottle, in three distinct granulation types: Pyrodex® P (Pistol) is made for use in all pistols and smaller bore rifles, .45 caliber and less. P is also useful as a priming charge in guns that exhibit a tortuous or fouled ignition channel or other worrisome ignition problems. Pyrodex® P is equivalent to FFFG black powder

  • How to Make a Ball Mill: 12 Steps (with Pictures) wikiHow

    10.08.2020· Ball mills are a special instrument used to break up hard solids into a fine powder. They are similar to rock tumblers in that the instrument is a rotating container filled with heavy balls to grind the substance into powder. Ceramic material, crystalline compounds, and even some metals can be ground up using a ball mill. Using a motor, container, belt, caster wheels, and some basic building supplies, you can make your own ball mill.

  • Muzzleloader Barrel Damage Ruger Forum

    04.05.2012· It may not really apply here, but just a word of advise/caution. It is possible for a ML to develop a rust ring if left loaded for a length of time especially if using real black powder and a spit-patched ball. Has to do with how the patch was lubed and the properties of black powder and moisture. Not sure about replica powders or Pyrodex. I have a long rifle that the previous owner left loaded and

  • Muzzleloader, how long can you reasonably leave it

    20.11.2018· I would obviously touch it off and clean it at the end of the season. Seems to be some mixed opinions on this based on the powder you're using. I'm using blackhorn 209. Click to expand For me it's one hunt. I open the breach plug and push out the unused powder and

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